Letter to the editor: Right or wrong?

Published 2:00 pm Sunday, November 6, 2022

This year’s mid-term election is not about Democratic or Republicans nor Independent affiliations, its about voting for RIGHT OR WRONG.

We as a nation can no longer afford to simple vote our party, it must be about the candidate who are right or wrong. Its been many of mornings that I listen to MSMBC (Morning Joe) and I see how the candidates are treating one another, lying to get to the next level of their political careers, but total ignoring us citizens.

It is wrong for a candidate to say that they are going to cut out social security once a party gets a majority, when I heard this I knew that I would have to speak out against this. First of all, do the candidate understand the number of people this would affect? Hundreds of thousands of people of all races who worked on their jobs for a long time and paid into social security will not be abled to get their money? money that was deducted from each pay period taken out of their paychecks saying that they are going to cut it? Are they going to refund our money?

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Its wrong for a state governor to not give out equal amount of federal governmental funds to people of color who lives in a different zip code, citizens who has been total ignored from funding to have the right to healthy drinking water, and its not right to allow mismanagement of funds intended for poor people who needs a chance and give it to the rich, For after all God said that “we will have the poor with as always.” Its wrong for governors to put people on buses who came to America often fleeing for their lives, just to be told you must leave “my state”. What happened to treating everyone with respect? Because after all we are immigrants who came to America some by force and others by parents who was looking for a new way of life.

It is wrong for a candidate to say certain people in certain zip codes can’t get water while they stand in line to vote. Its wrong for people to say that the last presidential election was stolen fiom Donald Trump. Throughout time, why is this the first time that an election was stolen from another person? Why are people upset about this? It is wrong for some American to think that they can threaten violence on people of color? The last research that I have done, African American spend the most money on goods and products than any other race of people? So, if you want to start a race war, who are you fighting? It will be wrong for anyone to think that we will set down and let people try to kill me or any people of color, without a fight. What will that accomplish? Big corporation will no longer have that economic success if their purchasing powers be eliminated.

When you go into the voting booth on November 8, vote for RIGHT. If a candidate is not Right and don’t have the PEOPLE’s front and center then please don’t vote for wrong.

Joe, on MSNBC sometimes mention Jesus name in reference to what’s going on in the world, how people of color is being mistreated throughout these United States. And sometime I wonder why we carry around “in God we trust” every day.

Lastly, voter’s suppression is wrong. The United States Constitution gave every citizen the right to vote. It’s not right for a human being to be shot down in broad daylight, just because he was exercising his Constitutional right. And before there was a George Floyd, there were a Lamar Smith, who was gunned down in broad daylight with 27 affidavits registration cards in his


possession to take into the courthouse in Brookhaven, MS. One shot to the stomach left him bleeding to death while three white men held people at bay with their weapons and after 30 minutes he was dead. George Floyd killing opened up wounds as to the way my grandfather suffered by the hands of wrongness.

It’s wrong for the Board of Supervisors of Lincoln County to decide on a maker for Lamar Smith and total ignored the family, after all, a request for a marker to be placed on the Courthouse lawn was done April 19, 2021 and the family is yet to hear their decision in reference to the marker.

We must choose RIGHT November 8, if we want a change here in America.         “IN GOD WE TRUST.”


Deborah J. Smith-Griffin,

Granddaughter of Lamar “Ditney” Smith