National Adoption Month — Every kid deserves a loving home

Published 8:00 am Sunday, November 13, 2022

Adopting a child is a courageous decision, but the decision to give the baby up for adoption is a conscious choice.

Many children do not have the safe-loving and supportive house environments they need. With the awareness of the existence of the baby, the birth parents’ life circumstance is incompatible, or they may have too much anxiety about their capacity to be perfect parents.

According to, National Adoption Month is to ce1ebrate families that create safe and supportive homes and families that are made whole through adoption.

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Adoption is a circumstance that gives the opportunity for a beautiful life, but adoption has complicated elements that require a significant amount of knowledge and preparation. Every single family looming for adoption must undergo a long legal process.

Through my own personal experience, 1 have grown to love adoption as my grandmother and mother run an orphanage in India where babies get adopted often. I have seen how adoption works and can change the lives of families.

But according to the book “Adoption calls,” adoption is voluntary on the part of birth parents; it represents a lifelong trauma for many adopters and for their parents. This potential trauma increases further if children are separated from other relatives or from their home country.

Another popular opinion is that children lose not only their parents but often connections to their broader biological families and their cultures. According to, about 66% of adopted women and 34% of adopted men end up searching for their birth parents, regardless of feeling loved or not.

It is 2022 and still there are many communities where they do not accept adoption. Adopted kids get treated differently than biological kids.

“Once I adopted my daughter there was no difference between my biological and adopted ones. Every single one of them was and is my very own,” said Sarah Craft, 39, adoptive mother from Magee, Mississippi.

According to the, 117,000 children in the United States ate waiting to be adopted. Whether it is starting a family or growing a family, adoption is beautiful.

On this National Adoption Month, let us acknowledge the importance of adoption. Every kid deserves a loving home!


Jessica Joe, Copiah-Lincoln Community College student