Brookhaven City Board approves 1 BPD promotion, delays others

Published 4:00 pm Monday, December 26, 2022

The City Board of Aldermen approved one promotion for the Brookhaven Police Department in its recent meeting, and delayed five others.

BPD Chief Kenneth Collins and Assistant Chief Clint Earls had presented six officers for promotions, with accompanying salary increases. These were:

  • Stoney Walker from uncertified to certified patrolman, effective Dec. 8, with salary increase from $33,750 to $37,000.
  • Jonathan Hart from sergeant to master sergeant, effective Dec. 16, with salary increase from $47,500 to $50,750.
  • Lisa Jackson from sergeant to master sergeant, effective Dec. 16, with salary increase from $47,500 to $50,750.
  • Kevin Thompson from master sergeant to lieutenant, effective Dec. 16, with salary increase from $50,750 to $53,750.
  • Michael Norris from lieutenant to captain, effective Dec. 16, with salary increase from $53,750 to $56,000.
  • Bobby Hathorn from corporal to sergeant, effective Dec. 16, with salary increase from $45,750 to $47,750.

Following approval of the previous meeting’s minutes, the board typically moves to employee-related matters, including payroll changes, hirings and resignations. The board voted to approve the promotion of Marvin Thomas within the Street Department from laborer to equipment operator, with a pay increase from $11.57 to $13.26 hourly. Also approved was the resignation of Solid Waste Department laborer Jahmal Magee.

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The other items — the recommended BPD promotions — were pulled to be discussed and considered within executive session. All aldermen were present except for Alderman-at-Large Don Underwood.

Following the regular open session, the board voting to move to a closed-door executive session under the banner of “personnel.”

Brookhaven Housing Authority member Burnell Robinson presented a report to the board. Following the executive sessions, Robinson was reappointed to the board by a vote of 3-0. Aldermen James Magee Jr., Charles Caston Sr. and Andre’ Spiller abstained from the vote. They did not provide a reason for choosing not to cast votes.

The board then moved into a second personnel session for approximately 25 minutes, during which they discussed the proposed BPD promotions. When the doors were opened after the session, the board took a vote to approve the re-hire of part-time officer Dustin Hodges. The board also voted to approve the promotion of Sgt. Lisa Jackson to master sergeant.

When asked about the others on the list by Chief Collins, Mayor Joe Cox said the board was taking the others under advisement, pending more information to be submitted from BPD.

“We’ll get the information and review it and bring it up at the next meeting,” Cox said. He then called for a motion to adjourn, which Spiller made.

Asst. Chief Earls spoke up, saying the other information was immediately available, and he had brought it to the meeting, as he and Collins had advised in a letter to the Board. He then passed out copies of resumes for the other officers to each board member present. Earls said he was prepared to answer questions.

“We’re out of order. We have a motion on the table to adjourn,” Cox said, and called for a second. When the second was given, he said, “We are adjourned. We’re done.”

Collins protested, saying he and Earls were asked at the previous meeting to have the information with them for this meeting, and should have been called into the closed-door session to present materials and answer any questions.

The next regular meeting of the City Board is Tuesday, Jan. 3, 2023.