Juvenile arrest pending in Easter weekend shootings

Published 12:30 pm Monday, April 10, 2023

An arrest is pending as Brookhaven police officers investigate Easter weekend shootings in the city.

Police Chief Kenneth Collins said at least seven shooters fired multiple times in the North Jackson Street and Rogers Circle area Friday.

Collins said investigators recovered 29 shell casings, and were serving search warrants Monday morning, looking for individuals involved or evidence pertaining to the activity.

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“All of these suspects are young people — juveniles,” Collins said. “We are investigating, doing all we can to keep this town safe. Every city is experiencing these young kids with guns. We’re trying to get cameras implemented. They’ll be on 24 hours a day.

The chief said he understands people may not want to talk about what they know, but help from the community is vital in cases like this.

“We live in a time when telling the truth and standing up for what’s right is called ‘snitching,’” Collins said. “People are afraid or not willing to talk. I know they are afraid, but it takes the help of the community to help us. “

Parents or guardians of youth who are committing or planning criminal behavior will be held accountable if evidence is found that shows they are helping or ignoring such behavior from their children, the chief said.

“It’s up to the people to stand up and start finding out what your kids have got in their backpacks or book bags before their leave the house. Search your houses. It’s a joint effort,” he said.

Collins also wants people who fire weapons to remember the bullet has to travel somewhere, and may wound or kill innocent people.

“When you fire indiscriminately, it has unintended consequences,” he said. “[These youth] have large ‘assault’-type rifles. They’ve got clips to make guns fully automatic, turning pistols into machine guns. They’re selling these to each other, or buying them out of Jackson. That’s why I want this technology implemented for the safety of our city before I leave office. Every other city has this.”