Don’t give up when you are feeling torn down

Published 11:04 am Sunday, April 30, 2023

By Brad Campbell

Hi all.  Just a thought to help start your week.

An eyesore of a building has been bulldozed in my town.  Those familiar with where I live will perhaps recognize what’s left of the old structure.  The rest of you will need help identifying it.  I stood in the street and took a picture of what remained, although even this is gone now.  

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This building was once our county’s health department.  I remember taking my oldest daughter into this building to meet the highway department official who would administer her driving test.  The basement level once housed the offices of our district attorney and his staff.  I’m also told that some fifty years ago, a weight watchers group met down there.  Most recently, the building housed our county commissioners’ offices.  Good things once happened there.

The structure has been abandoned for quite some time.  It had its problems, but it was a mainstay.  Some were disappointed that it took so long to be taken down.  Others offered their own opinions and/or solutions.  It seems that old building hung on for as long as it could.  Now, it stands no more.

I wonder how many days you might, too, feel like an empty shell of a building.  At one time, you were full of energy, spirit, excitement, happiness, and potential.  But, you’ve allowed Satan to take those things away from you.  You have felt as if the town – the world – would look and be so much better off without you.

I dare say we all have felt the repercussions of suicide in our communities and perhaps in our own families.  Maybe you have battled those demons in your own life.  Please stop to remember that without you, there is only a hole where you once stood.  Think of all those who would love to help you recover the excitement and joy in your life that once roamed those halls.  Before you take the drastic step of taking a bulldozer to what God created, reach out with all you are and all you have to someone you trust.  Feasible solutions to your difficulties can be found.  

That particular street in our town doesn’t even look the same now.  Don’t dare give the world a chance to experience life without you.  There’s only one you, created by the Master for good.  Cry out to Him.  Call out to me or anyone else you can find.  Call off the bulldozer.  Let’s sit and work out another solution.  I love you.  God loves you.  And this world is a better place with you in it!

(Post script – In all the years of writing these ‘thoughts’ I’ve never taken up this subject.  And I’ve never added words as an addendum.  But I am now.  If this message doesn’t hit home with you, please share it with someone you know and love who is having a difficult time.  We never know just how much hurt lies deep inside someone’s heart, mind, and soul.  The national suicide/crisis hotline number is 1-800-273-TALK or simply dial 988, or go to

Just a thought.

Till later,