Make sure your vote counts

Published 3:02 pm Tuesday, July 4, 2023

As we mark half of the year behind us and another half ahead, we celebrate the independence of America and the invention of air conditioning.

We can look back over the past months and access, and also must look ahead to what remains to be done in 2023.

Just a few weeks remain before elections all across the state of Mississippi. In the Primary on Tuesday, Aug. 8, registered voters will find the following state offices on the ballot — governor, lieutenant, secretary of state, attorney general, auditor, some commissioners, legislators, and district attorneys. Do you know who you will vote for, and why?

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If not, you should at least be researching and trying to make those decisions. Even if you think you won’t be personally affected by who’s in what office, you may find out down the line that you are.

Are you happy with how your state officers have led in their respective positions? If so, you may want to vote to keep them there. If not, you should consider who’s running against them. Is one of the opponents a prospective good choice?

Many people have been elected or reelected, and laws passed or defeated, all because a lot of individuals decided their votes wouldn’t matter. They could have.

But it turns out their votes didn’t count, because they didn’t cast votes to be counted.

You count. Your opinion and voice counts.

Make sure your vote counts, too.


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