Labor force, jobless numbers both climb for Lincoln County

Published 4:00 pm Friday, July 28, 2023

More people in Lincoln County were without jobs in June than the previous month, according to the most recent data from the Department of Employment Security.

Lincoln County had an unemployment rate of 3.8 percent in June. From a labor force of 14,520 in Lincoln County, 550 said they were not able to find a job. 

The number of people available to work grew by 150 from the previous month, and so did the number of jobless claims.

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In May, from a labor force of 14,370 in the county, 400 people reported they were looking for work but were unable to find employment (2.8 percent). In June 2022, the labor force was 15,050 and 650 (4.3 percent) said they were unable to find jobs. 

The Mississippi state average in June was 4 percent, and the national average was 3.8 percent. 

The labor force is the portion of the civilian population employed or actively seeking employment, so both employed and unemployed. Those who are under age 16, inmates of institutions, or on active duty in the Armed Forces, are not counted in this number. 

The lowest unemployment rates in the state were in Union and Rankin counties, which had 2.8 and 2.9, respectively. The highest was in Jefferson County, at 14.1 percent. 

Union County had 410 people out of work, and Rankin had 2,250 jobless. Because Rankin’s labor force is more than 77,300, however, its percentage was only 2.9 for those without a job.

Jefferson County only had 1,810 in its labor force however, so the 260 who were without jobs represented a much higher percentage at 14.1. 

The state’s least populous county, Issaquena, had only 310 people in its labor force, and only 20 unemployed. However, it’s jobless rate was 7.6 because of the low labor pool.

In addition to Jefferson County, other counties bordering Lincoln County had the following unemployment rates for June: Copiah, 4.4; Lawrence, 4.5; Walthall, Pike and Amite, 5.1 each; and Franklin, 5.5.

In June, Mississippians made 5,787 new unemployment insurance claims (down from May’s 6,042) and 31,193 continued claims (up from May’s 27,148). A total of more than $4.54 million in benefits was paid, with an average of $215.22 per claimant. In May, the total amount was more than $3.92 million, with an average of $218.10 paid per claimant.

Data comes from the Mississippi Department of Employment Security, and can be accessed at