City: No hire for sheriff hopeful

Published 12:00 pm Thursday, August 3, 2023

The Brookhaven Board of Aldermen took no action on a hiring request from the Police Department at its most recent regular meeting.

BPD requested to hire former Lincoln County Sheriff’s Office investigator Leslie Falvey as a Sgt. Detective (Investigator 4) with 11 years of experience, at a salary of $53,750. Falvey is a candidate for the office of Lincoln County Sheriff.

“Isn’t he running for sheriff?” Ward 2 Alderman Shannon Moore asked BPD Chief Kenneth Collins.

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“Yes, he is,” Collins said.

“I don’t mind who you hire, but is this a ‘Plan B’ for if he doesn’t get elected?” Moore asked.

“I don’t know,” the chief answered.

“Hypothetically speaking, if he wins, we’ll still be down an investigator,” Moore said.

Collins answered that he needs an investigator, and Falvey is a qualified applicant for the job.

“I don’t want to wait,” he said. “I just want to staff my department.”

Moore said he understood the need, but didn’t feel comfortable under the circumstances.

“I’m sorry, but just on that I can’t vote for him,” Moore said. “It’s nothing against you. But if the City is ‘Plan B,’ I just can’t vote for him.”


Signals, streets and properties

Upgrading of traffic signals along Brookway Boulevard began Monday night, engineer Mike McKenzie said.

“They will finish this week, and will sequence with the ones on Hwy. 51,” McKenzie said. “It will provide a higher level of service.”

The next stage in signal upgrades will involve placing protected-turn arrows as needed along the Boulevard.

Lots of asphalt projects have also been completed in the past two weeks, according to Public Works Director Keith Lewis.

“These are mostly cutouts, where the roads were damaged,” Lewis said. “Then we’ll do aprons.”

An asphalt apron is the section of a driveway that meets a publicly-maintained roadway. It crosses into what is considered municipality-owned property.

“Our concrete crew is doing a great job on ditches we desperately needed worked on,” Lewis added.

Building Inspector David Fearn asked the Board to approve a list of 18 properties presented to them that “are in such a state of uncleanliness as to be a menace to the public health and safety of the community.” Unanimously approved, these lots will be cleaned and mowed at the cost of $250 per cutting, charged to the owner of each property. The properties are located on South First Street, Rogers Circle, Vanzie Street, Short Street, Jennifer Street, West Congress Street, Union Street, Swalm Avenue and East Minnesota Street.


In other business, the Board:

  • Awarded the off-road diesel bid to James Case Oil at $3.15.9 per gallon.
  • Approved the July 2023 salaried payrolls and appropriate transfers of funds.
  • Approved firefighter David Spray to attend the Rope Rescue Technician Class Aug. 21-24. The City will pay registration cost of $365 and reimburse for meals and mileage.
  • Approved the emergency purchase of a gear reducer, bushing kit and the labor to install them on the aerator at the Waste Water Treatment Plant for a total cost of $12,765.29. The aerator broke July 27 and had to be repaired immediately.
  • Approved a 15-year anniversary salary increase of $1 per hour for AP Clerk/Mayor’s Secretary Cindy Smith.
  • Approved to reclassify three firefighters to certified firefighters:
    • Isaac Hooks, certified with 5 years experience, with a salary increase from $35,601.15 to $39,238.84.
    • David Spray, certified with 10 years experience, with a salary increase from $35,602.15 to $42,523.08.
    • David King, certified with 10 years experience, with a salary increase from $35,602.15 to $42,523.08.