Police: Please register your security cameras

Published 3:00 pm Monday, October 9, 2023

Brookhaven Police Assistant Chief Clint Earls wants people to register their security cameras, and he thinks they’ll be glad they did.

The Fusus camera system that has been consistently promoted by BPD is in its test phase for the city.

Virtually any security camera at homes, businesses, churches, schools and other government entities can be connected to the system. Connected cameras allow law enforcement agencies to access footage in real time as needed.

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Only registered and integrated cameras can be accessed. If a camera is simply registered, then law enforcement knows HD camera exists, and can request the owner to provide footage if needed in an investigation.

“A dispatcher at the new 911 Call Center will be able to look at live camera coverage prior to officers or other emergency personnel arriving on scene,” Earls said. “They can give a description of a person or a vehicle, and can let responders know what they’re going into before they arrive.”

If camera owners will simply register their cameras online, officers can pull up information to be able to contact the owner. No personal information will be available to anyone other than authorized law enforcement.

“Were trying to get the word out of what this system is capable of and what it does,” Earls said. “So, if anyone is interested in a demonstration, any Civic organization or business, I’ll be happy-go-lucky to come give a demo.”

The website provides information on storage units (“cores”) that can be purchased, also.

“They can specify the cameras they want to give access to,” said Earls. “We’re interested primarily in outdoor camera feeds.”

“This is a crime reducer. Please register your cameras.”

For more information, contact the City Clerk’s Office at 601-833-2362 or BPD at 601-833-2424.