Lincoln County under a smokey haze Tuesday, burn ban remains

Published 12:13 pm Tuesday, October 17, 2023

MT ZION — Residents in northwest Lincoln County might notice a haze and smell of smoke Tuesday morning. However, there are no fires currently burning in that part of the county. A reminder, Lincoln County remains under a burn ban.

Lincoln County Emergency Management Agency Director Chris Reid said he had not heard of any new reports of fires Tuesday morning. A mobile home did catch fire last night on Furrs Mill Drive. NASA’s wildfire mapping software does not show any large active wildfires in the area either.

The burn ban remains in effect for Lincoln County until further notice with no exceptions. Last week’s rainfall was not anywhere close enough to lifting the burn ban nor drought conditions.

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Lincoln County and 53 other counties are under a burn ban right now. Wind speeds have calmed down so the fire threat isn’t as high but fires could still get out of control quickly. Please do not attempt open burning of any kind.

Dispose of cigarette butts properly and pick up trailer chains so they do not drag along the road ways. Brush hogging and mowing are other ways fires can start in these dry conditions. Mississippi Forestry Commission states it takes just one spark to start a wildfire so please be cautious.

It is likely the burn ban will stay for a while longer. National Weather Service forecasts drought conditions to persist while gradually getting better in November. From now until Monday, the best chance of rain will be Thursday night with a 20 percent chance of showers.