Coming down, going up: City hears updates on various projects

Published 5:00 pm Thursday, February 8, 2024

Don’t take it down, but take it off, was the request of two property owners to the City of Brookhaven Tuesday.

Two properties included on the city’s list of damaged or abandoned properties to be demolished were recently purchased by new owners, each of which asked the board to give them time to complete some work — and not destroy their properties.

The new owner of 260 Rogers Circle said he had purchased that house, and the roof had already been replaced.

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“It will be fully renovated by the end of the month,” he said during a public hearing before final approval of the list.

The new owner of 724 Williams St. made his request for time during the regular board meeting. He said he had recently purchased the property and was about to begin work on it with a roofing contractor. The board agreed to grant him 60 days to show progress to City Inspector David Fearn.

Another 15 properties were approved to be demolished and the lots cleaned up by the board. The Williams Street and Rogers Circle properties would remain on a “watch list” for now.

The board also received project updates from Ryan Holmes of Dungan Engineering and Mike McKenzie of WGK Engineering.

“With good weather, we’re about three or four weeks out,” said Holmes, referring to the North Jackson Street bridge project. “The bridge is done.”

All that is left for completion of the project is stone work on the road, rick-raff and grass for the embankments, and paving on the road leading up to the bridge itself.

McKenzie said letters had been sent to Oak Hill property owners about installing the proposed fire line, along with hydrants.

In January, the Board approved the planning of the project, which would either provide a one-mile water line to end in the Oak Hill cul-de-sac, or to tie in 700 feet further into the Zetus Road line, providing a closed loop. The closed loop would double the water pressure from 500 gals per minute to 1,000, but also could double the cost, McKenzie said.

“It’s in our best interest to extend it to Zetus, for fire protection and water quality,” said Mayor Joe Cox.

“We’ve gotten eight responses from the 19 property owners so far, with all but one being positive,” he said. “Are we ready to go ahead?”

Alderman Jeff Henning (Ward 4) motioned to go ahead with the project, with a second from Alderman-at-large Don Underwood, and all aldermen voted in favor.

McKenzie also said the Brown Loop sewer project is having issues gaining easements from property owners, though several gave immediate approval upon being asked.

“Some gave a negative response, and some can’t be reached,” he said.

The engineer also said the FEMA/Brookhaven Building has a significant roof leak problem, “at the point of seriousness.” McKenzie said a roof inspection would be carried out this week, and the warranty researched, with a report given at the next aldermen meeting, Feb. 20.