Police chief: Uptick in car thefts, burglaries demands citizens be proactive

Published 2:00 pm Thursday, February 8, 2024

Brookhaven has seen a recent uptick in car thefts and vehicle break-ins, according to Police Chief Kenneth Collins. He said drivers and vehicle owners need to be more proactive to help fight the problem.

“Please help us not make it so easy,” Collins said. “Lock your vehicles, stop leaving them running — especially with kids in them.”

The chief said a car was recently stolen when it was left running outside a store, and abandoned in Simpson County when the thief realized an infant was in the back seat. The thief was apprehended after taking another vehicle, but Collins said dangerous situations like that can easily be avoided.

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“We’re dealing with young youth, and doing all we can to keep it under control,” said Collins.

More officers are on the night shift and extra man-hours have been spent in key problem areas to address both the thefts and large groups of individuals riding ATVs and dirt bikes on the streets.

“We don’t chase them,” but they are tracked via cameras and other means, Collins said. “Once we get an ID, we’ll impound the ATV and charge the parents.”

“Let’s work together to keep this city safe,” he said.