Police recover stolen vehicle, caution public

Published 4:00 pm Monday, April 22, 2024

A vehicle stolen in the early morning Monday was recovered a few hours later, said Brookhaven Police Chief Kenneth Collins.

The vehicle was taken around 2 a.m., Collins said, and recovered at a trailer park on Crooked Lane.

“This is a group of juveniles stealing cars and going into cars,” the chief said. “Again, I’m asking the public to help us by keeping your keys out of the car, locking your car, and stop leaving items where people can walk by and see them in your seat. I remember when you could leave your car unlocked. We’re living in a different time now. We’ve got to adjust to the time we’re living in.”

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Collins stressed that the group of juveniles stealing vehicles and breaking into them is not the same group that has been ringing doorbells and running.

“Don’t put yourself in danger by confronting this people. They’re a lot more dangerous than the people ringing doorbells. These are two different sets of individuals,” he said.

“You’ve got young people who want to be in gangs, and they’re mixing with other people coming into Brookhaven. It’s what everybody is dealing with, and what I’ve been telling people about since I’ve been chief,” Collins said. “It’s not as bad here as it is in surrounding areas. We stay on it. That’s why you have all those killings in McComb, Crystal Springs, and Jackson. You let the gangs take over here and it will be the same. We can’t let that happen.”