Band prepares for trip to Texas

The Loyd Star band will be marching in the Brookhaven Christmas Parade on Dec. 4 and is currently raising funds for a trip to San Antonio.

In March, the band is planning to visit San Antonio, Texas for a performance and a couple rounds at the Six Flags theme park.

“I like to take the students out of Mississippi to expand their horizons,” Stuart Neal, Loyd Star band director, said.

This is Neal’s fifth year serving as band director for Loyd Star, and this will be his third trip with the school’s group of musical students. For this trip, as with every trip, the band is raising money for assistance with the excursion.

Neal said on past trips, one to Atlanta, Georgia and another to Disney World, the students really enjoyed themselves.

“The first trip was very interesting because it was some of the students’ first time outside of the state,” Neal said. “They got a taste of what it’s like elsewhere and understood that they were part of a bigger world.”

Neal said he noticed changes among many of the students after past trips.

“They became better students.” he said. “They played better, and they behaved better. They understood there was more out there past Lincoln County.”

The band, which has approximately 130 members from sixth to twelfth grade, has a lot of different students from all walks of life.

“We have Miss Loyd Star playing the flute. We have baseball, football and soccer players,” Neal said. “They all work hard.”

Neal directs anyone who would like to donate to the Loyd Star band to contact the Loyd Star Band Booster or contact Neal through Loyd Star Attendance Center.