Board members recognized for longevity

The Copiah-Lincoln Community College recently honored several board of trustee members for their years of service at the board meeting on Thursday.

Steve Amos and Chris Dunn were given five-year honors, Lynwood Easterling was given 10-year honors, Melton King and Tommy Sasser were given 25-year honors.

Each member was introduced to the board by Ronnie Nettles, Co-Lin president, and was presented a special pin by fellow board member Eugene Bates.

“It’s really a great opportunity to serve here,” said King.

King is a current member of the executive committee and also serves on the building and grounds committee. He received his degree in business and marketing from the University of Southern Mississippi.

“It’s exciting to have people who are willing to serve on the board of trustees, and it’s not uncommon to see them serve multiple terms because they’ve seen the college grow and hang ever the years,” said Nettles.

Sasser, of Lincoln County, has served over 30 years in education for the Brookhaven School District as well as the Lincoln County School District as a chemistry teacher and guidance counselor from 1966 until 1996.

“It’s been a thoroughly enjoyable experience,” said Sasser.

In addition to Sasser’s 25 years on the board, he has currently served as secretary to the Co-Lin Board of Trustees for the past 10 years. He has served under the past three Co-Lin presidents; Thames, Garner and Nettles.

The Co-Lin Board also updated the scholarship requirements for honor scholarships and valedictorian/salutatorian scholarships.

The initiative was approved to raise the minimum ACT score to 21 from the previous standard of 20.

Nettles said the college tries to stay updated and in stride with other community colleges and to encourage higher standards of students. He added the Co-Lin board to not expect to see the change in minimum ACT score requirements result in any one student being exempt totally from financial aid due to data that shows students receiving a particular ACT score very seldom do not have federal and state financial aid in addition to other foundation and service scholarships.

The board also voted to continue a healthy campus initiative in making the entire campus, including Wolf Hollow Golf Course, tobacco free.

Nettles reported he did not expect to see a rise in patrol or increase in excessive fines for the sake of the initiative. The initiative was proposed earlier this year by the Student Government Association and approved unanimously by the board at a previous meeting.

Other business the board addressed:

• Designated Co-Lin Lane as a pedestrian traffic area.

• Approved the personal requests of resignation from Victor Parker, Lantz Ferrell, Lisa Hankins, Erin Delaney and Amye Howell.

• Approved the hiring of Lana Stamper and Emily Edwards.

• Reported on the current construction phases of the Childhood Development building.

• Approved to re-offer construction bids on roofing Lula Stevens Hall.

• Reported on the upcoming accreditation committee visiting in September.