All are neighbors in the body of Christ

Dear Editor,

Thank you for accepting letters from us concerned citizens as well as the articles of local news, the instruction to families and news articles. I enjoy these but somehow I have missed cinema showings and times and sometimes even the TV programs.

However, my concern, my deep concern, is the growing view in America toward political corrections even when the matter is anti-American or anti-Christian. If Christians speak out about the wrongness of deviant behavior, or the embracing of Muslim ideas over Christian, we are labeled bigots or even fascists, perish the thought!

God’s word, that He is absolute truth, brands us narrow-minded. It is not to be taught in enlightened, liberal schools and universities. How have we slipped to this opposing to what America was founded and died for. Views foreign to our way of life are being taught to impressionable youth and swaying them. This is coming down from our government. Now, right now, state supreme courts in 23 of the 50 states are using sharia law over the Constitution! May God awaken us to the danger.

Though evil seems to be winning, God is still on the Throne, His truth, and will not be mocked. Look what happened when Israel went after other gods. He punished them. Could it be that that is why He is sending drought, fire, tornados and floods on our beautiful land? Disasters that are affecting the government are also hurting businesses and families. God is love, but the world He created is increasingly wicked and hostile toward Him.

I thank God that we in Mississippi generally honor Him as we take a stand about the sanctity of life and marriage. Others consider us backward, but on the whole, we want to have the backing of the one God and His Son. May we continue on this path. I thank Him, also, that in our town, we have a Christian hospital, Christians in the government and in businesses, and you, a Christian Editor. We are blessed.

Perhaps, though, the one way we let God down in our lovely town is in our churches (35 in Lincoln County). Do we just sit, listen, sing praise, rather than unite as the Body (One) of Christ to help the poor, the hurting and the downtrodden? Many are below the poverty level, many uncared for. Jesus challenges us, “As you did it unto one of the least of these my brothers, you did it unto me.” (Matthew 25:40) and, “Love your neighbor as yourself” – all are our neighbors.

Mission Mississippi was founded to unite black and white churches into One Body, that of Christ, not Bodies. His love unites us to be on mission where people live and suffer. Amen!


Keith McDaniel