Police seek help to find missing teen

Local police are looking for help from the public in the search for a Brookhaven teenager, missing since Friday, Nov. 1, after his mother dropped him off at school.

Jhirmack F. Smith

Jhirmack F. Smith

Jhirmack F. Smith, 15, of 803 Dow St., is missing and presumed to be in the area, according to Lt. David Johnson of the Brookhaven Police Department.

Police suspect the teenager could be in the East Washington Street area, based on information they have gathered. The area is approximately four to five blocks from Smith’s current residence.

Leatrice Smith Jr., Jhirmack’s adopted father since 2010, suspects Jhirmack may be with members of his biological family, either in Brookhaven, or possibly Hazlehurst.

“I think that somebody is helping him, or encouraging him to do the wrong thing,” Leatrice Smith said.

While foul play isn’t suspected, Smith’s parents are concerned.

Jhirmack has medical issues, and could be in need of medicine that alleviates his severe allergy and asthmatic condition, said the Smiths.

“He needs proper medical attention and care. We don’t know if he is getting that care right now. We suspect he isn’t,” said Leatrice.

Since Friday, Jhirmack hasn’t been back to Brookhaven High School where he is enrolled as a freshman, Johnson said. “I check with the school everyday.”

Johnson is leading the search for the missing teen, and brought the matter to the attention of the Daily Leader Tuesday night.

Also on Tuesday, the Smith’s submitted a photo of Jhirmack that ran in the Tuesday paper’s classified ads.

The latest description of the teen has him listed at 5-10, 100 lbs.

“We want our son back. We are hoping and praying that they find him. This is very stressful. We miss him so much,” said Deborah Smith, Jhirmack’s adoptive mother.

Besides Jhirmack, the Smiths have two other adopted children in their home, Jacquez, 8, and Jimmie, 12. Deborah Smith says the boys want their brother back.

“They miss their big brother. We all miss him,” Deborah Smith explained.

“It’s coming up on two weeks now. We believe the police are doing their best with the investigation, but it’s hard to not get involved when it’s your child,” said Deborah Smith.

While foster care can be temporary, adoption carries with it a lifelong responsibility. Adoptive parents are considered the child’s parents. Often, adoptive parents provide the secure and loving environment that biological parents cannot.

Lt. Johnson encourages the public to contact the Brookhaven Police Department with any information regarding the missing teen at (601) 833-2424.