Haven Hall completes renovations

It’s sometimes said that a lot can be understood about a community or civilization by noticing how well they take care of their elderly. If that is true, what then could be said about Brookhaven? On Wednesday, members of the Brookhaven-Lincoln County Chamber of Commerce gathered with administrators, staff and a few residents of Haven Hall to cut the ribbon on a group of renovations at the Brookhaven nursing home.

Labeled a five-star facility in 2013, Haven Hall is completely dedicated to taking the best care of Brookhaven’s elderly.

“We’re renovating one wing to create private suites for patients who come in for therapy,” Jeff Phillips said. Phillips serves as administrator for Haven Hall.

The new suites at Haven Hall include more things that would make a patient’s stay more home-like. The purpose of the private suites is to serve therapy patients from the hospital who may need or want private space to themselves during sessions with their therapist. Patients who come to the home for therapy are only there for 20 day,s and “they want their privacy,” Phillips said.

Phillips also said when patients, who are there for therapy, have to share a room they get the idea that they will be there for a long period of time.

“We want to keep them motivated and positive throughout their therapy,” Phillips said.

This sentiment the home shows toward therapy patients are not kept from their longer-term patients. Haven Hall and its administration have taken great steps to ensure the health, happiness, safety and comfort of all their residents.

Just last year, the home finished renovations including a new van ramp and a covered walking area leading up to the entrance. In addition, an acquisition of nine acres near the home will be the site of a new seating area and park for residents of Haven Hall.

The renovations are an accomplishment because Haven Hall is the last remaining non-profit nursing home in Brookhaven. All the money they raise and receive is put back into the facility and its inhabitants.

This dedication is driven by a belief that nursing homes needs to embrace change.

“Homes used to be more institutional,” Phillips said.

The Haven Hall administrator said homes and other interested parties are coming together to make nursing homes feel more like home for its residents with more freedom.

“We don’t want to have people just staring at a block wall.” Phillips said.

Part of Haven Hall’s initiative to make their facility a ‘home’ for their residents, they offer an 11-bed assisting living quarter inside their facility. This type of board allows them to provide care for people who don’t require as much care as other residents. Phillips said assisted living residents are able to bring their own bed, furniture, and even have a car so they can come and go as they please.

“It’s just like they’re at home but under the care of our doctors,” Phillips said.

It took two weeks for the $20,000 renovations, and it’s apparent that everyone at Haven Hall is excited about the new offerings the home is able to provide.