City school board irons out some details

The Brookhaven school board worked on ironing out details Tuesday before entering into a new fiscal/school year.

The board approved the following items:

• The disposal of textbooks.

• Student transfer request; 90 into BSD and 32 transfers out.

• Temporary use of 16th Section land by Land Max

• Federal programs funding application for fiscal year 2015

• Procurement plan for Child Nutrition Services

• More specific language in the Mississippi School of Arts agreement

• Handbooks for employees and elementary and secondary schools.

• A change of policy adoption from three readings to two.

• The purchase of a used 2007 bus that could accommodate special needs using existing funds in the transportation department

• Sole source purchase from fuel education for software at $13,440.

• A bid to cover insurance from Trident at $135,903, approximately $48,500 less expensive.

• Bids for various supplies.

• The 2014-2015 budget previously presented.

Superintendent Ben Cox praised his employees for working diligently to make their budgets stretch and bring the best to the district.

He also discussed a football stadium update. Although the stadium is currently safe, his goal is to ensure that will be the case over the next 50 years.