Vehicle hit by train; no one injured

A southbound freight train slammed into a vehicle at the Manson Street railroad crossing in Brookhaven Thursday night, dragging the car for at least a mile and leaving behind a twisted heap of metal.

Three occupants escaped the vehicle just seconds before impact, according to Brookhaven Chief of Police Bobby Bell, who interviewed the conductor.

“No one would have survived the collision,” Bell said, referring to the severity of the impact.

It is unclear why the vehicle was on the train tracks in the first place. Bell said police are investigating the matter, but vehicle malfunctions malfunction appears not to have been involved.

The 1999 Mercury Marquis is registered to Willie Hunley. Earlier in the week, Bell said Hunley notified the police department that he was loaning the vehicle to another person.

Gordon Street turns into Manson Street about a mile before the railroad intersection.