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Periodical cicadas have emerged

Have you seen and heard our 13-year visitors? An emergence of periodical cicadas is one of the rarest and most amazing natural phenomena in the ... Read more

Watch out for crape myrtle scale

A new scale infesting crape myrtles has made its way into Mississippi.  Crape myrtle bark scale is a relatively new insect pest that was first ... Read more

Attack of the bees

Our house is being attacked by bees! Not killer bees, but carpenter bees. These hovering bumblebee look-a-likes drill small, perfectly round holes in wood siding ... Read more

Trustmark announces the retirement of human resources director

Jackson – Trustmark has announced the retirement of Executive Vice President and Human Resources Director Rebecca “Becky” Vaughn-Furlow.  She has dedicated more than 50 years ... Read more

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