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Bush offers reassuring words for country

“Let’s Roll” were the last known words of passengers who led thecharge to thwart hijackers on the ill-fated passenger jet thatcrashed into the Pennsylvania country side on September 11. Thosewords Thursday night became the rallying cry for the nation asPresident Bush picked up the mantra to lead this nation during ourwar with terrorism.

Standing with unprecedented support from the American public,Bush pulled together his own version of the “fire-side chats” madeby Franklin Roosevelt during World War II. During those dark daysof the world’s history, Roosevelt gave the country strength withhis reassuring words.

Bush’s words were needed by a country still stunned by theSeptember 11 attacks and then frightened by the second wave ofattacks that brought biological warfare to the shores of thiscountry. He gave the right words at the right time.

The President is correct in his definition of being alert versusbeing intimidated. There is a difference. Intimidated means we hidebehind closed doors afraid of the next attack. Being alert means wego about our daily business but with a watchful eye.

Intimidation means bin Laden wins. Being alert means Americawins. The bin Laden terrorists are counting on intimidation.

Our lives changed on September 11 but one day we may look backand say our lives changed for the better, for we may find that the”me” attitude that has taken over this nation has changed into the”we” attitude — that “we” will strength us and unify us.

The President built on the “we” attitude by mapping out hissteps to fight terrorism with volunteerism. He wants 20,000volunteers to help with homeland security by working with policedepartments and other government agencies. He has established apresidential task force on citizen preparedness to makerecommendations.

More importantly, he has asked us to simply be there for ourneighbor and lend a helping hand by being vigilant, stayinginformed and not reacting to exaggerated fears or passingrumors.

“We must rely on our good judgment and our common sense,” hesaid.

None of this is tough, none of this is hard and none of it istoo much to ask.

As we honor our veterans today, let’s remember them in ourprayers and remember those who are serving today, for it is thosemen and women that we owe much gratitude. Then let’s all saytogether, “let’s roll.”