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Aycock keeps post on city school board

Carl Aycock is preparing for another term on the BrookhavenSchool District’s Board of Trustees after being the only candidatewho qualified for the position this week, according to boardattorney Bob Allen.

“I’m pleased that no on else decided to run. I think it reflectsthat people feel the district is in good shape,” Aycock said.

Superintendent Dr. Sam Bounds also believes the lack ofopposition showed a vote of confidence for Aycock, who has alreadyserved five years and is currently president of the board.

“I think it speaks real well for Mr. Aycock’s tenure on theboard and the confidence the community has in the entire board,”Bounds said.

Candidates were to have at least 25 signatures from Brookhavenresidents turned in by Tuesday. Aycock had turned in a list ofalmost 50 signatures prior to the qualifying deadline.

During his upcoming term, Aycock said he plans to continueimproving the school district and looking out for the best interestof the students.

“I look forward to serving the next five years,” Aycock said. “Iconsider it a privilege to do this.”

Some of the projects he hopes to see accomplished during thenext term include renovation of the Brookhaven High SchoolGymnasium, especially in the locker rooms and restrooms.

Aycock also believes the board needs “to continue to strive forhigher academic performance.”

He pointed out that the district stands in the top 25 percent ona statewide average in the academic records of college boundstudents; however, he wants to improve the scores of studentswithout college plans.

Aycock plans to continue upholding the policies of the district,especially the zero tolerance policy for violence.

“That in itself has helped decrease incidents in the schoolsystem,” he said.

He hopes the new Brookhaven High School building will startbringing positive results to the district soon.

Aycock believes the new building will increase students’ pride,resulting in better grades and attitudes because students andteachers will feel better in a new, top-notch facility.

He said the school will be a wonderful asset for the districtfor years to come.

Aycock and his wife, Susan, have three children: Courtney AycockGrill, 28; Taylor Aycock, 25; and Anne Claire Aycock, 12; all ofwhom have attended or are attending the Brookhaven PublicSchools.