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Crystal meth bust brings three arrests

Three Lincoln County residents have been arrested on chargesrelating to the production of crystal methamphetamine in the area,according to authorities.

Steven Kyle Walley, 20, and Brandy Lawrence, age unavailable,both of 1223 Martin Lane, were arrested Tuesday along with BillyPinter, 32, of 1606 Sandifer Lane, authorities said. The LincolnCounty Sheriff’s Department and Southwest Mississippi NarcoticsEnforcement Unit made the arrests.

All three were charged with possession of crystal meth,conspiracy to manufacture crystal meth, conspiracy to distributecrystal meth and possession of precursors, which are the chemicalsused the make crystal meth, said Lincoln County Sheriff LynnBoyte.

Bond was set at $250,000 each.

Boyte said the investigation started about a month ago with thereport of anhydrous ammonia being stolen from tanks at farmsthroughout the county.

Anhydrous ammonia is an ingredient used to produce crystal meth.The chemical was reported stolen from a another tank Mondaynight.

Authorities say the theft of anhydrous ammonia is becoming amore common problem, but they are working to decrease thosethefts.

“We will continue to monitor those tanks as manpower and timepermits,” said Boyte, adding that new laws classify the theft ofanhydrous ammonia as a felony.

After being arrested at the Martin Lane residence, the subjectsconfessed to stealing anhydrous ammonia, Boyte said. Authoritiesconfiscated a shotgun and pistol, as well as a small amount ofcrystal meth and the other chemicals used to make crystal meth fromthe residence, he added.

Boyte complimented the efforts of the officers involved fromboth agencies.

“We were working the case from one end, and they were working itfrom another end, and it all fell together,” he said.

Boyte said plans are to make at least three more arrests inconnection with the investigation. He hopes those arrests will helprid the county of crystal meth.

“Of all the drugs out there, this is probably the mostdangerous,” said Boyte, mentioning that crystal meth is highlyflammable and highly addictive.