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Givens ousted from district one supervisor race

Jessie Givens will not be listed as a District 1 Supervisorcandidate in the August party primary because he does not live inthe beat, the Lincoln County Democratic Executive Committee ruledlast week.

Committee chairman Gerald Williams said Givens, son of the latelong-time District 1 Supervisor Cliff Givens, lives on Calcote Loopin District 5. On his qualifying papers, Givens gave an address of2549 Union Road.

“He lives in District 5,” Williams said.

During its Thursday meeting to certify candidates, Williams saidthe committee voted unanimously not to put Givens’ name on theballot. All other Democratic candidates for county races wereapproved.

Givens, however, was unaware of his removal until reached forcomment Monday night.

“It’s news to me. I haven’t heard anything about it,” saidGivens, who has been living in a camper on the Union Roadproperty.

Williams said a letter was sent to Givens’ Calcote Loop addressFriday. The chairman said he went by the Union Road property, butdid not see a mailbox there.

Givens said he would like to see the letter and get anexplanation of the committee’s action.

“I have no reaction until I see the letter, and we’ll go fromthere,” Givens said.

Responding to questions about his residency after he qualified,Givens there is a camper with an electric and water meter on theUnion Road property. At the time, he said he is in the processgetting a more permanent residence at the location.

“We’ve got a trailer we’ve been trying to get moved out there,”said Givens, adding that bad weather had slowed those plans.

Williams said he saw the camper at the property. He indicatedthat was not sufficient.

“If he had built a home and moved in before the deadline, it’sfine, no problem,” Williams said. “He just got caught behind in theconstruction of his house, I guess.”

Givens said he had been planning to build a home on the UnionRoad property for several years. His father’s death last year movedup those plans.

“We’re playing it by ear until we can get settled in out there,”Givens said.

Williams mentioned some instances in the past where people hadtried to run in districts where they do not live. He said thecommittee could not allow that.

“If we allowed this, four years from now or later we’d have morepeople trying to do this,” Williams said. “We’ve got to stopit.”

Givens’ removal from the ballot leaves seven candidates in theDistrict 1 field.

Dorsey Cameron, Alex H. Robinson, the Rev. Jerry L. Wilson,Andrew Graham, Percy Rauls and Larry J. Boyd are seeking the officeas Democrats. Joe Jones is the only Republican candidate.

In other candidate certification activity, Lincoln CountyRepublican Executive Committee Chairman Chuck Nelms said thecommittee would probably meet this week to review candidatequalifying papers. There are 14 Republican candidates who havequalified in nine county races this year.

The first party primaries are scheduled for Tuesday, Aug. 5.Party primary runoffs, where necessary, will be held Tuesday, Aug.26.

Party primary winners will go on to face each other in thegeneral election on Tuesday, Nov. 4.