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Traffic damage closes bridge

A bridge on Fox Road approximately three-quarters of a milesouth of Pleasant Hill Road was closed Monday morning after heavytraffic last week damaged its supports.

District Three Supervisor Nolan Earl Williamson said a heavyload sometime last week crushed three pilings supporting thebridge.

Officials realized Friday that there was an eight-inch sag inthe bridge, which had not appeared on any of the damaged bridgereports given to supervisors.

“I’ve been paying close attention to it all weekend,” hesaid.

Monday, however, Williamson said he was notified of the crushedpilings and responded by ordering the bridge closed.

Williamson has ordered two 40-feet long, 96-inch diameter pipesto correct the problem, but he does not know when they willarrive.

“Hopefully, that pipe will be in this week and work can begin toreopen the road,” he said.

The supervisor said he expects to have the road reopened by thebeginning of next week.