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Storm clean up continues

Crews are continuing clean up efforts following a Sunday stormthat downed several large trees, although that activity hasdisrupted some other city services, said Mayor Bob Massengill.

“We’re making great progress on it,” Massengill said.

Massengill said the intense Sunday afternoon weather downed atleast 14 large trees. He said much of the damage was on the westside of town, but the east side also sustained some.

“Anywhere that had large oak trees was affected,” saidMassengill, mentioning saturated grounds that made the trees moresusceptible to falling.

The mayor said a sidewalk on Storm Avenue will have to bereplaced because of an uprooted tree. He also mentioned a treefalling on Banks Barbecue on Brookhaven Street and other damage onBecker Street and Halbert Heights Road, where several large treesfell on some homes.

“The fortunate thing was that nobody was injured,” Massengillsaid. “We had trees down all over town.”

Thursday morning, city crews were cleaning up around a home onBecker Street. Massengill said Entergy cut two trees following thestorm and the city was removing the debris.

“We’ve had this cooperative agreement for years and years,” saidMassengill. “We’re cooperating with the company that’s cooperatedwith us.”

Massengill said some trees fell on city property and some onprivate property. City crews cannot go onto private property butwill haul away tree limbs and other debris that are brought to theedge of the street, he said.

“If we ever get to the point we can’t help the people ofBrookhaven, we don’t need to be here,” Massengill said.

Massengill said one citizen called his office to discuss delaysin picking up trash. He said the citizen accepted his explanationthat the city was running behind due to the storm clean up.

Due to the storm, Massengill said the city does not have adefinite schedule for picking up limbs and leaves. He asked forpatience as the clean up continues.

“We can’t assure them we’ll get it immediately, but they haveour assurance we’ll get to it as quickly as we can,” Massengillsaid.