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Downtown paving on city’s agenda

We have much going on in Brookhaven at this time, and I want tobring you up-to-date on several of these matters.

The plans on downtown paving are in the hands of MississippiDepartment of Transportation. Once MDOT signs off on the project,we will advertise for bids and begin paving soon thereafter.

During July, the city used inmates for cleaning several ditches.We plan on this being an ongoing program and know this will improvethe appearance of Brookhaven. The cleaning and clearing should alsohelp with the flow of rainwater.

In July a representative of Engineering Associates rode with meand several aldermen to determine where improvements can be maderegarding water drainage. We want to make sure that a solution toone drainage problem doesn’t create even greater problemselsewhere. We should receive a report soon advising of possiblesolutions. Obviously, money (or the lack thereof) will have toenter into the decisions we make, but we need input fromprofessionals before any decisions can be made.

The budget process in under way, and all department heads aresubmitting a list of needs. Much of the city’s equipment is old andworn out, so this must be addressed. Often, city employees arelimited greatly by the equipment available to them. The budget mustbe finalized by mid-September to take effect Oct. 1.

The city and county are entering into an inter-local agreementfor renovation of the Government Complex, which will be funded byfederal funds. Later this year or early 2005, you will see roofwork and other much-needed work being done.

The city still hasn’t received the judge’s decree on theannexation, but expect it any day. Once this is received, it willbe filed and the 30-day “clock” will begin. Should an appeal bemade, annexation will be delayed indefinitely, but if no appeal ismade, the proposed area will become part of the city of Brookhavenat the end of the 30 day period.

During the past several weeks, Chamber of Commerce andIndustrial Development officials have met with me and Bobby Watts,president of the Lincoln County Board of Supervisors, regardingseveral excellent industrial prospects. There is considerableinterest in Brookhaven and Lincoln County, and we are following upon every lead. It is imperative that we have a top-notch industrialpark, and we are each committed to making this a reality.

While the government offices will be closed for Labor Day onSept. 6, Waste Management will work that Monday as usual.

I’ll do my best to keep you abreast of what is taking place inour city and thank you for your continued support.