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Sales tax receipts dip in September

Brookhaven’s share of sales-tax revenue slipped more than$14,000 in September and collections remained down for the year,according to totals from the Mississippi State Tax Commission.

At $336,549.25, however, Brookhaven was not alone in seeing aSeptember collections drop. The city’s sales tax share in September2003 was $350,565.45.

“For the most part, a lot of communities were down forSeptember,” said Chandler Russ, Brookhaven-Lincoln County Chamberof Commerce executive vice president. “It was a slower collectionmonth statewide.”

Among the state’s top 25 collectors, 15 had September 2004totals less than those of September 2003. Brookhaven ranked 22nd inthe state.

Russ pointed out that Brookhaven is maintaining a positivesales-tax trend. With the exception of 2003, the city’s September2004 total was higher than every September since 1998.

“From a historical perspective, $336,000 is a good, solid numberfor September,” Russ said.

For the fiscal year, which started in July, Brookhaven’scollections are down almost $47,000. In fiscal year 2004, the cityhas $998,354.12 compared to $1,045,263.45 in fiscal 2003.

“I feel very comfortable that the future is bright,” Russ said.”We’ve got nine months to make that up, and I’m certain we’ll dothat.”

Russ cited recent retail developments, such as a used car lotand Quiznos, and coming developments, such as an O’Reily AutoParts, in predicting a good future. He also expressed appreciationto existing merchants for helping Brookhaven maintain its standingas a regional shopping hub for southwest Mississippi.

In other parts of the area, McComb collected $371,928.55 insales tax during September. McComb’s September 2004 total, whichplaced the city 19th in statewide rankings, represented a decreaseof approximately $7,000 from the September 2003 total of$378,408.23.

In year-to-date collection, McComb’s 2004 pace continued to beoff its 2003 total. The margin was $1,149.398.51 this year and$1,187.377.28 last year.

In Lawrence County, Monticello’s September total was offslightly, with $32,445.26 this year compared to $34,753.25 lastyear. Year-to-date collections were not far apart, with $99,655.67in 2004 and $101,886.57 last year.

In Franklin County, Meadville merchants took in $7,532.19 forthe town’s share of September 2004 sales tax. That was down almost$1,000 from last September’s $8,516.48.

In year-to-date totals, Meadville had taken in $24,690.92 in2004, down a bit from 2003’s $26,507.24.

Also in Franklin County, Bude businesses rang up $8,194.29 inSeptember for the town, a small increase over September 2003’s$7,760.55. For the year to date, the town had $25,679.04 this yearand $24,044.51 at the same point in 2003.

Wesson businesses’ September sales tax collections climbed to$13,205.91, up significantly from the $10,428.68 received lastSeptember. In year-to-date collections, the town had $33,951.59 for2004 and $32,722.74 for 2003.