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Check facts to make informed point

Dear Editor,

We are writing this letter in response to one that was printedlast week concerning Wesson’s water rates.

While the author of it may have had good intentions, many of thepoints that were listed are completely unfounded. First off, topresume that all of the meters located in Wesson are residential isridiculous at best.

We have several commercial businesses that are involved in foodpreparation, as well as Co-Lin that only has a handful of mastermeters serving an average of 2,000 students per semester.

Secondly, it’s easy to call around and compare prices for a fewareas, but to get an accurate comparison, all factors includingdemographics, overhead and previous debt must be looked at.

The figures that the town uses for comparison, as well as forsetting prices, come from separate agencies that operate throughoutthe state. These agencies can be easily contacted forauthentication.

Also, for further facts concerning the amount pumped monthly,the town’s records are public; anyone who wishes may view them andsee exactly who used how much and when.

There are no hidden secrets or agenda that some would have youpresume. We simply ask that next time as much effort be given indiscovering the facts as there was in trying to exploitcertain points of an issue.

Mayor Alton Shaw

and the Wesson Board of Aldermen