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Repaving seems a waste of money

Dear Editor,

I, along with many other Mississippi taxpayers, can’t stand tosee wasted tax dollars.

Who made the decision to mill and repave Highway 184 runningthrough Brookhaven? This road is better than 95 percent of roadsthat I drive on in Mississippi. Somehow, I wish a better system wasin place to repave roads that are in need (within Lincoln County)and not just spend because money happens to be in a particularpocket. This road was in great shape. What a waste.

Next, there was absolutely no communication with city officialson when this work was to be done. The work runs by the public highschool, which is causing problems with traffic. Spring break is intwo weeks, and no students will be around during that time. Anybodythink about that being a better time? Is anybody out there thinkingat all – maybe even thinking outside the box?

John Lynch