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Free disposal of appliances ending soon

Brookhaven officials are encouraging residents to take advantageof no-charge disposal of white goods at the city landfill as timeruns out on the free offer.

Following a Board of Aldermen decision last month, residents maydrop off white goods and scrap metal at the landfill during Julyand avoid a $5-per-item charge. Items falling in the category ofwhite goods include dishwashers, washers and dryers, water heaters,microwave ovens and stoves and air conditioners.

Mayor Bob Massengill reported a lukewarm response to theno-charge disposal plan, which ends Friday.

“Some people are taking advantage of it, and some are not,” saidMassengill, adding that he hopes more will participate. “Butthey’ve got less than a week to do it.”

Sanitation Department Superintendent Jimmy Cooks stressed thatresidents must bring items to the landfill. Any items that have tobe picked up by city crews are still subject to the $5-per-itemcharge, which must be paid in advance.

The landfill is open Monday through Friday from 7 a.m. until 4p.m.

Massengill said there has been some increase in the amount ofwhite goods brought for disposal but not a great difference.

“It’s up somewhat but not as much as we anticipated,” the mayorsaid.

White goods disposed of at the landfill accumulate in adesignated area and periodically are sold as scrap metal.Massengill said a buyer came Thursday to pick up the latestload.

Massengill said the current no-fee disposal activity is a testrun. The mayor said it would be a Board of Aldermen decision, buthe thought the city would consider waiving fee again in about sixmonths.

“I think we could consider doing this semi-annually,” the mayorsaid.