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Officials warn residents of scam

Lincoln County authorities are warning elderly residents of apossible scam involving offers to assist them with their utilitybills.

Sheriff Wiley Calcote said an elderly man was approached at hisMonticello Street home Aug. 5 by a man offering to set up a plan tolower his monthly utility bills.

The alleged scammer was able to enter the home under thepretense of taking room measurements, Calcote said. While in thehome, the person allegedly stole $200 from the owner’s bedroom.

“As far as we know, this is only one they got to,” Calcotesaid.

Calcote said there had been reports of two or three otherincidents of people driving up to homes but never getting out oftheir vehicle.

“It’s different areas throughout the county,” Calcote said.

In the Aug. 5 incident, another man remained in the vehicle,which authorities said could be a black newer model Nissan orToyota.

The primary suspect was described as a white man aboutfive-foot, nine-inches tall and weighing 160 pounds. He was wearingglasses, blue jeans, a T-shirt and a light brown baseball cap.

Calcote urged residents to contact his office if they see themen or are approached about similar utility bill assistanceoffers.

“It could be the start of something and we want to head it offbefore that happens,” Calcote said.