School they want is what they get

Published 5:00 am Thursday, August 18, 2005

Dear Editor,

Amen, Jan Busby (“Ask where schools spend your tax dollars,”Aug. 3)!

Ever heard the story of a retiring community college leader whogot a $14,000 raise plus $8,000 to move? That is another kneeslapper.

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How about the one about the county with two public schoolsystems fighting over dollars and students. It’s so rich.

How about the one about modern parents who want happy kids everyhour and a “C” for showing up? It’s a rib-tickler.

How about the one about promoting coaches and sorry nonclassroompeople to be in charge of teaching and learning? It’s a hoot.

How about the one about the administrative and government groupswho find a way to inflate results to fool parents? It’s ajoker.

How about the one about the few teachers actually givingstudents the grades they deserve and getting constant grief fromadministrators?

The parents have exactly the schools they want. Now live withthe products.

Doug Schexnayder,

via e-mail