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Otho makes impact as Wesson runner

WESSON — The first game of the 2005 football season proved tobe a showcase for an up and coming Wesson tailback. Otho Smith Jr.,a 6-foot-1, 180-pound junior, rushed the football 20 times for 201yards and scored four touchdowns in the Cobras’ 32-6 win over theEnterprise Yellow Jackets.

For his efforts, Smith has been selected The DAILY LEADER’SOffensive Player of the Week for the first week of the 2005season.

” I am very happy,” said Smith about the honor. “I am excitedabout that.”

Wesson head football coach Tommy Clopton said he was preparingSmith for this year. “Last year, Otho was backup tailback,” saidClopton. “Otho is a good kid. He has worked hard in the weightroom. Pound for pound, he is our strongest kid.

“Otho has pushed himself and his teammates to get better,”continued Clopton. “What happed to him Friday night was not anaccident. We are looking forward to bigger and better things fromhim.”

Smith said he was pleased to score four touchdowns. “I was veryhappy to do something that good.”

Smith comes from an athletic family. His father is Otho Smith,Sr., who played high school football at Enterprise. His cousin,Wayne Lewis, played football at Wesson.

Smith complimented his offensive teammates. “They played great.They did a very good job. I appreciated it.”

Working in Wesson’s offensive line are John Michael Cliburn attight end, Timothy Thomson and Phillip Freeman at tackle, JoshSanders and Bobby Harris at guard and Brandon Malbourgh at center.Also starting on the Cobra offense are Micah Davis at quarterback,Smith at tailback, Blake Brister at fullback, and Mason Warren andTrey Fisher at wide receiver.

Smith said he didn’t have one particular favorite play he couldsingle out. “I like all of them,” said Smith.

Smith wears jersey number 30. His first request was for No. 32but he changed his mind.

In school, his favorite subject is home economics.

Smith likes to follow the Texas Longhorns in college football.His favorite NFL team is the Kansas City Chiefs. Amon Greene is hisfavorite player.

His hobby is fishing. “I caught a bass about 6 pounds,” saidSmith of his biggest catch.

Smith appreciates the help and support of his coaches andteammates. “I’d like to thank coach Clopton who allowed me to showwhat I can do.”

When asked about what was in his CD player, Smith said, LittleJohn.

“Otho is a team player,” added Clopton. “He has a lot ofGod-given ability. We look for him to grow and mature as a footballplayer.”