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Progress toward goals cited

The Brookhaven School District has made great strides in the2005-06 school year toward fulfilling several goals set by theboard of trustees last summer, Superintendent Lea Barrett saidTuesday.

In a briefing for the board, Barrett explained how the districthas worked to achieve some goals.

The goals she addressed specifically were to have each school ata level four performance rating, all third graders (except thosewith severe disabilities) score at the proficient or advanced levelby the end of 2007-08 school year; increase graduation rate by 5percent by the end of the 2008-09 year; increase ACT mean compositescore by a full point by the end of the 2006-07 year; andconsistently improve and enhance the curriculum offered.

“We have implemented several new programs,” she said. “We aregoing for district-wide accreditation through the SouthernAssociation of Colleges and Schools.”

Administrators and teachers have also worked to install astudent progress monitoring system for kindergarten through eighthgrades, as well as expand the summer reading program from onlyjunior high and high school to include fifth and sixth grade.

The district has also introduced a three-tier interventionpolicy for children who fall behind their grade level.

“Instead of one classroom teacher following that child, we havea team,” said Barrett.

District-wide, the special education program is being revampedto meet state testing requirements that 95 percent of students,including those in special education, must take state testsbeginning this year.

“We are currently undergoing a very intensive review of ourspecial education program,” said Barrett.

Also, Barrett mentioned the Mississippi Scholars Initiative, arigorous college-prep program, being implemented in thedistrict.

Board members thanked Barrett for the update, commenting on howexcited they were about the progress.

“It looks like she’s headed in the right direction,” said boardpresident Dan Brown Jr. about Barrett.