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Highway 84 opens to four-lane traffic

JACKSON – The Highway 84 Bypass in Monticello will open forfour-lane traffic Tuesday, according to a highway official.

District Engineer Darrell Broome said traffic will be changedfrom the beginning of the Lincoln and Lawrence county line to apoint approximately 3.5 miles east of the Pearl River Tuesday. Thischange will consist of a 5.5 mile, two-way traffic section. It willalso open the new Monticello bypass. The new bypass will be 6.5miles of new four-lane highway.

This swap will consist of changing traffic on two projects alongU.S. Highway 84 in Lawrence County, Broome said.

Beginning at the Lincoln/Lawrence County line, traffic will bediverted to the newly constructed parallel lane and will becometwo-way traffic for approximately 5.5 miles east of the Lawrenceand Lincoln county Line, ending near Lake Mary Crawford Road.

Traffic will then shift to a new four-lane section, 6.5 mileslong, which will bypass the town of Monticello to the north.

Approximately 3.5 miles east of the Pearl River, the four-laneroads will change back into the current two-way traffic section aswork continues to extend the four-lane project to the Lawrence andJefferson Davis county line.

MDOT advises the public to drive with extreme caution throughthe area.

“We are asking motorists to please pay attention to the signageand to pay special attention to all local road crossings throughoutthe section of roadway,” Broome said. “Any change in drivingconditions can cause some initial confusion, but with a littleextra caution, traffic will flow smoothly and safely.”