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Drummer hopes for Grammy gold

“Local musician grabs Grammy.”

That’s the newspaper headline DecembeRadio drummer BooneDaughdrill hopes to see Monday morning.

Daughdrill, a former Brookhavenite and New Hebron native, alongwith his Christian band were nominated for “Best Rock or Rap GospelAlbum Of The Year” in the 49th Annual Grammy Awards for their album”DecembeRadio.”

“We’re super excited,” Daughdrill said.

Daughdrill, along with bandmates Josh Reedy, Brian Bunn and EricMiker are in Los Angeles to take part in the Grammy Awards ceremonywhich will be televised live at 7 o’clock tonight on CBS.

The band left early Saturday morning to get to Los Angeles intime to attend a Nominee Party Saturday evening. Everyone who wasnominated for a Grammy this year, including artists CarrieUnderwood, Rascal Flatts, the Dixie Chicks, Paul McCartney, StevieWonder and more, were invited to attend the party.

“Everyone we grew up listening to, we’ll get to meet,”Daughdrill said last week.

Considered an early favorite, Daughdrill feels the band has agood chance to win, but members consider it an honor to just benominated. Other category competitors include “Where the Past MeetsToday,” by Sarah Kelly; “Turn Around,” by Jonny Lang; “End ofSilence,” by Red; and “Bone-A-Fide,” by T-Bone.

DecembeRadio has been together for five or six years, saidDaughdrill. He joined the group two years ago.

In July 2006, the group released its first nationallydistributed CD. Since then several singles have been climbing theChristian rock music charts.

The single “Drifter” spent 15 weeks in the top 10 and hascurrently been in the top five for 10 weeks, he said. Anothersingle “Dangerous” has been in the top 10 for the last three weeksand has been picked up for the theme song for the DiscoveryChannel’s “World’s Most Dangerous Jobs.”

Daughdrill was unsure whether the category his band wasnominated in would actually receive any television airtime.

“Christian artists don’t get that much exposure,” he said. “Theother mainstream artists get more.”

The “Best Rock or Rap Gospel Album” is a new category,Daughdrill said, so he’s hoping because of that it will beshown.

Daughdrill’s and his band’s passion for Christian music isevident in the group’s work ethics and touring schedule.

“The past year we did 170 shows and traveled 200 days,”Daughdrill said. “This year we have 200 shows and expect to travel225 to 230 days.”

The group is booked all the way through August, Daughdrillexplained. He added after that, the group has a three-monthtour.

The band has a busy Monday ahead, Grammy winners or not. Theyhave a morning filled with radio station interviews and call-backsto Nashville radio stations and later in the evening they willperform a free concert north of Los Angeles to help aid a teenpregnancy program. Daughdrill said they were told to expect 500 to800 people to attend.

“We haven’t played much in California because it’s so far,” saidDaughdrill, who was excited about the opportunity.

Currently, the band is putting the finishing touches on a newalbum that Daughdrill said will be released in late August or earlySeptember.

“We’re in the studio now laying down new demos,” he said.

Daughdrill is also excited about DecembeRadio’s single “Drifter”being released into mainstream radio stations.

“It’s hard for Christian bands to get their music in themainstream,” Daughdrill said. “Our band feels very passionate aboutreaching lost people.”

In the mainstream, DecembeRadio’s music will reach a much largeraudience.

“People like the music,” Daughdrill said. “Then they listen tothe lyrics.”

Daughdrill and the band are hoping for a positive outcome toSunday night’s Grammy Awards.

“We’re just so excited to just be nominated,” he said. “It’s aonce in a lifetime opportunity.”