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Aycock to keep working for better Brookhaven schools

While state and county elections are several months away,Saturday was the day for another important election in which voterschose to return Carl Aycock to his seat on the Brookhaven SchoolDistrict’s board of trustees.

Aycock will now serve a third term as the elected representativefor school district residents who live outside the city limits. Hewill continue to serve on the five-member board that includes oneother elected member and three who are appointed by the BrookhavenBoard of Aldermen.

In discussing his 10 years on the board, Aycock touted boardmembers’ and administration officials’ efforts to developfirst-class facilities for the district’s students. For the future,Aycock stressed a desire to continue good progress in the area ofstudent achievement through new course offerings and programs likeMississippi Scholars.

Aycock’s victory Saturday signals voters’ desires to continuecurrent efforts to make the Brookhaven School District the best itcan be.