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3 more arrests made in sex for drugs case

Three more arrests were made in Silver Creek Monday inconnection with a case accusing a mother of prostituting herdaughter for drugs, authorities said.

Monday’s arrests bring the total charged in the case to 10 withmore arrests expected, said Lawrence County Sheriff’s DepartmentInvestigator Ray Smith.

James H. Stamps, 27, of 1521 Highway 43; Candice L. Cook, 22, of464 Firetower Road; and James W. Bozeman, 73, of 15 Gill Lane, allof Silver Creek, were arrested at Lawrence County residences on avariety of charges related to the case, Smith said.

The investigation leading to the three recent arrests beganApril 4 with the arrest of Candence Parkman, 41, of Silver Creek,by the Mississippi Bureau of Narcotics on a charge of possession ofcrack cocaine with intent to distribute.

MBN agents learned in interviews with Parkman and her15-year-old daughter that the pair had allegedly been having sex inexchange for drugs . The Lawrence County Sheriff’s Department wasbrought in to investigate.

Parkman was charged with permitting the continuing sexual abuseof a child. She is being held on a $200,000 bond and will have apreliminary hearing May 8.

A roundup of suspects April 10 by the sheriff’s departmentresulted in the arrests of six men on a total of 22 charges ofstatutory rape for allegedly swapping drugs for sex with thedaughter.

In the recent arrests, Stamps has been charged with two countsof statutory rape, Smith said.

Cook is accused of permitting the continuous sexual abuse of aminor child and 10 counts of conspiracy to commit statutory rape.She is a friend of the family, the investigator said.

The investigation also led deputies to Bozeman, who has beencharged with child molestation. Bozeman is a stepuncle of theteenager, Smith said.

More arrests are expected in the next few days, the investigatorsaid.

“That’s not the end of it,” he said. “We have other warrantsthat have been issued, but they haven’t been arrested yet. There’squite a few.”

Smith said seven or eight people had statutory rape warrantsoutstanding. However, he said the number of warrants was muchhigher because a majority of those suspects were wanted on severalcounts.

The sheriff’s department will make those arrests as soon aspossible, he said.

“Some are from Lawrence County and some are not, so it may takea little longer (to make those arrests) this time,” Smith said.

The six men arrested two weeks ago live in an area fromMonticello and Prentiss.

Robert Brown, 36, of Highway 43 South, Silver Creek, has beencharged with 10 counts of statutory rape.

Others charged with statutory rape include Javario McInnis, 22,of Prentiss, on four counts; Darryl Stewart, 43, of Monticello, onthree counts; Jason Menendez, 21, of 475 Garrett Road, SilverCreek; Gerale Fortenberry, 19, of 581 Garrett Road, Silver Creek,on two counts; and James Tyson, 39, of 238 Progress Road, Prentiss,on one count.

The daughter was placed in a foster home under the direction ofthe Department of Human Services following Parkman’s arrest, Smithsaid.

A statutory rape conviction carries a sentence of five years tolife in prison.