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D-4 hopefuls discuss savings ideas

Editor’s note: Today The DAILY LEADER concludes its seriesof questions and answers with candidates for District FourSupervisor. Candidates C.E. “Eddie” Brown, Earl Brown, CharlesDavis, Jeff Fauver and incumbent W.D. “Doug” Moak responded to thenewspaper’s survey.

As operating and other costs continue to rise, what wayscan Lincoln County explore to save taxpayer dollars? In what areasdo you think savings can be realized and how?

C.E. “Eddie” Brown:

One of the main duties of each elected official is to save thetaxpayer dollars in his or her department. The possibilities ofcontract labor or combining some services is an option which couldbe looked into. Also the possibility of grants, state aide funding,Local System Bridge Project funding and any other funds should beexplored by elected officials. Once elected this is something Iwill look into and discuss with other elected officials.

Earl Brown:

Be efficient in all operations. Use competition in allpurchases. Maintaining of equipment a priority. Use quality bulkand lubricants. Use dedicated help. Utilize all funds that areallocated. Seek grant money when it is available.

Charles Davis:

In owning and operating my own logging business for the past 20years, I have learned to handle the rising costs. I plan to usethis knowledge in helping save taxpayers’ dollars.

Jeff Fauver:

(1) New ideas and materials in road building. (2) Building roadsthat will hold up, so that repairs will not have to be made in thenear future.

W.D. “Doug” Moak:

The county should take advantage of the computer network. Manyprograms are available to reduce time, equipment, and materials toprovide information to the public and state. These programs couldinclude land records information, and land, automobile, solid wastepayments as well. Many other functions could possibly be donethrough the Internet. Audits and other information could becompleted with little or no paperwork.