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Important decisions still to be made in runoffs

Democratic voters return to the polls Tuesday for the secondround of decision-making in the 2007 election cycle.

On the ballot will be the statewide runoff for the Democraticnomination for state auditor and four Lincoln County races. Localvoters will be choosing party candidates for two justice courtjudge positions, one constable post and in one supervisor’srace.

We point out that Democrats will be making the decisions Tuesdaybecause there is no Republican runoff, and those who voted Aug. 7in the GOP first primary will not be allowed to participate in theDemocratic runoff. To prevent that from happening, polls Tuesdaywill have a list of those who voted in the Republican primary onAug. 7, said Circuit Clerk Terry Lynn Watkins.

“When someone comes in to vote, the poll workers are to checkthat list,” Watkins said.

It is important to note that a person who did not vote in eitherparty’s primary on Aug. 7 is free to vote Tuesday in the Democraticrunoff.

We have heard a few runoff candidates voice concerns about someof their supporters not being able to vote for them Tuesday becausethey participated in the Republican primary almost three weeksago.

We share candidates’ and voters’ frustration over the currentprimary setup in the state and have editorialized in favor of achange. Until that change happens, though, the most fair situationwill not become a reality.

While the primary situation will disenfranchise some voters, thekey to victory Tuesday will be a candidate’s ability to get his orher supporters to the polls and vote.

Justice court judge and constable may not maintain the highestof profiles when thinking about county offices. However, for thosewho have to have contact with those offices, it is vital thatqualified people are in place.

Voters are encouraged to consider the state auditor, supervisor,justice court judge and constable candidates carefully and maketheir decisions accordingly.