Election to be set on Ward 6 opening

Published 5:00 am Tuesday, April 15, 2008

With Ward Six Alderman Buddy Allen’s March 4 resignationbecoming official this week, the campaign trail will soon beheating up for qualified individuals seeking to become a part ofcity government.

Tuesday is Allen’s final day in office, and the board ofaldermen will have 10 days after his last day to declare thevacancy in a regular meeting, said City Clerk Mike Jinks.

Jinks said aldermen can’t declare the vacancy on Tuesday sinceAllen is still officially in office, but that they will have toeither recess Tuesday’s meeting or call a special meeting so theycan declare the vacancy in the required 10 days. The next regularboard meeting is on May 5, a full three weeks after Allen’sposition opens.

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“Buddy legally is still the alderman through the 15th,” Jinkssaid. “The board can’t declare the vacancy on that day becauseBuddy is still alderman.”

Once the vacancy is declared, the election must be no less than30 days and no more than 45 days after the vacancy is announced,Jinks said.

Candidates for the position are required to turn in petitionswith 50 signatures in order to qualify.

Brookhaven Parks Commission member Robert Kenny has turned inhis petition, and local businessman David Phillips confirmed Mondaymorning that he will also be turning in his paperwork thisweek.

Kenny has already begun putting out yard signs. Phillips saidhis would be out later this week, as he is waiting for the positionto officially be declared vacant.

Jinks said the qualifying deadline is 20 days prior to theelection, and nothing is official until the dates are set.

“There’s a lot still to be set by the board, starting with whenthey’re going to call the next meeting – and have to do it by the25th,” Jinks said.

Jinks said the vacancy and the election date will be declared inthe same meeting.