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Bethel Park receives go-ahead following site visit

Mississippi Development Authority officials who visitedBrookhaven Wednesday to look over a proposed Bethel Park site hadgood things to say about the project and have OK’d itsproceeding.

“I think it’s a good area for a park, and it will be a goodthing for the community to have something there for the children,”said MDA Development Specialist Brenda Lacey.

Lacey and MDA Development Specialist Patricia Turner met withMayor Bob Massengill, City Clerk Mike Jinks, consultant WoodySample and Brookhaven Recreation Department Director Terry Reid tolook over the layout of the lot and to give final approval for theproject.

Reid said the site passed its environmental study earlier in theyear, and the MDA just needed to put the final stamp of approval onit with a site visit.

“She approved the site and we signed all the final paperwork andnow it goes back to the accounting department at Brenda’s office,”Reid said. “It should be very beneficial for this area, and givethe kids somewhere to go with new safe modern equipment that meetsexisting safety requirements. It’s also going to be ADA accessible,and that’s a big deal.”

Lacey said one big consideration in the MDA’s choosing to fundthe construction of the new Bethel Park is the fact that there wasso much community support at the town meeting held earlier in theyear. In addition, she said, there is a need for a park in WardThree.

“I’m glad the mayor is trying to do something for the town bytrying to get parks in every area so people can have activity,”Lacey said. “It gives them something to do and keeps them off thestreet.”

Reid said once the paperwork has gone through, bids will begin,with construction shortly to follow. At the urgings of Ward ThreeAlderwoman Mary Wilson, who has spearheaded the Bethel Park projectfrom day one, park structures will be identical to those atBicentennial Park, Reid said.

“We’re excited to be finishing up the final stages of this part,and ready to start construction,” Reid said.