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Former alderman receives award

Former Ward Six Alderman Buddy Allen, who stepped down lastspring due to health problems, has been given an award thatdistinguishes him even more than his laid-back and outspokenstyle.

Allen was awarded an Advanced Elected Official Certificate byMayor Bob Massengill Tuesday. Massengill said Allen is now the onlyone in Brookhaven with that distinction, which he earned with yearsof attendance to the Mississippi Municipal League conferences andvarious classes.

Massengill said during his 13 years in office, Allen had alwaysstrived to try to do the right thing as a Brookhaven official.Allen was presented with the award Tuesday morning in his room atKing’s Daughters Medical Center.

“Buddy told me when I first became an alderman that he wanted tobe known as a man who always did his best to do what was right,”Massengill said.

Other fellow city officials said Allen deserved the awardbecause he was committed to his ward, his community and makingBrookhaven a better place.

“He served his community well for a long time,” Ward FourAlderwoman Shirley Estes said. “I’m glad we can honor him for thatcontribution.”

It was Allen’s years of hard work in every aspect of his lifethat other officials remember about his time in office.

“Buddy made a long-term and lasting commitment to the city, andnot only that, to his family, his church, his work,” said CityAttorney Joe Fernald.

City Clerk Mike Jinks said Allen’s commitment to the schoolsalso marked his tenure as an alderman.

“That was a big thing to Buddy, working with children,” Jinkssaid. “He really loved the children, and it wasn’t just oneparticular school, it was across the board.”

Ward One Alderman Dorsey Cameron said he enjoyed working withAllen because of his candor.

“He is an honest and decent person who really took the needs ofBrookhaven to heart,” Cameron said.

The board of aldermen accepted Allen’s resignation on April 15of this year, when he said medical reasons would keep him frombeing able to serve out his term.

Current Ward Six Alderman David Phillips won the specialelection that ensued. Phillips said residents were grateful for thework Allen did while in office.

“We all really appreciate his service,” Phillips said.

Alderman at-large Les Bumgarner said Allen made his name as analdermen by looking out for the people in his ward.

“I really enjoyed serving with him,” he said. “In the years hewas there, he always looked after the interests of the people ofWard Six.”