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Two celebrate Hometown Bucks wins

Hometown Christmas Bucks winners Edna Bishop and Jean Chipmanare feeling $75 richer as they prepare for the approachingholidays.

Bishop was Smith Jewelry’s first winner in The DAILY LEADERChristmas shopping sweepstakes. She said she plans to take time toscope out the merchandise at local participating merchants beforespending the extra dough on herself.

“You know – you’re sometimes reluctant to spend money onyourself,” Bishop said. “(But) I think I’m going to spend it onmyself; buy me something special.”

Bishop never expected to be so lucky to win with only havingentered the day before the drawing. She said she is an ardenterrand runner and browser of local Brookhaven retail stores.

“I usually make my rounds,” she said.

Terry Leary, owner of Smith Jewelry, was excited about herwinning too, since it was his business’s first time to have a luckydrawer in the sweepstakes.

“It was good,” he said about having a winner chosen from thestore.

Bishop believes that it is a good idea to shop in the vicinity.She thinks it is smarter to spend money locally rather than runningto Jackson to spend it, she said.

“This is where I live,” she said.

Bishop was not the only winner for Hometown Bucks in the latestround of drawings. Brookhaven’s Jean Chipman cashed in on thewinning as well.

Gad’s Jewelry and Salon owner Lori Salyer said Chipman is aregular shopper. Salyer, who is familiar with her customers, saidChipman loves social events and to travel.

“She loves to buy little happies for friends,” Salyer said.

Chipman was in transit on one of her many travels and wasunavailable for comment.

The Hometown Christmas Bucks promotion is over 25 years old,said David Culpepper, DAILY LEADER advertising director.

It is more important now than ever to support local businesses,Culpepper pointed out. These local businesses are supporting locallittle league teams, youth league teams and local schools, hesaid.

“They’re giving back,” Culpepper said.

Culpepper also highlighted the unique quality that Brookhavenpossesses.

“The reason why Brookhaven is a great place to live and to raisea family is because it’s a community that supports its localbusinesses and the businesses support the community in return,”Culpepper said.

There are 21 businesses participating in the sweepstakesincluding Sisters by Design, Legacy Toyota, Bebe’s, Macy Taylor,The UPS Store, Growin’ Green, The Finishing Touch, Vendor’sEmporium, Snap Fitness, Blue Heaven, Smith Jewelry, BrookhavenHonda, J Jams, Ables, Bank of Brookhaven, Furniture Factory Outlet,Gad’s Jewelry and Salon, Betty Ann’s, T.H. Perkins Furniture Co.,Trustmark National Bank, Bertha’s Flowers and LegacyDodge-Chrysler-Jeep.

The DAILY LEADER employees and their families are ineligible toenter. Participants must also be 18 years of age or older toregister. Chances to register end on

Dec. 16.