Resolution will honor Bronze Star recipient

Published 5:00 am Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Lincoln County’s recent Bronze Star recipient volunteered for ayearlong string of dangerous missions in Iraq and faced danger manytimes, but he kept quiet about his war deeds in front of hisfamily.

“He’s very set. When he came home to see us at Christmas, hesaid he was looking for a promotion, and that’s all he told us,”said Loyd Star’s Glenn T. McGee, the father of Chief HospitalCorpman (HMC) Brian S. McGee, who received the Bronze Star in aceremony at Camp Lejeune last month for his actions in the Iraq Warduring 2008.

McGee said his son is modest and doesn’t talk much about histour, or his actions that led to his receiving the medal.

“I knew he was going to get one, but I didn’t know the wholestory,” his father said. “I didn’t realize that much had went onuntil I read it in the paper.”

Soon, the entire state of Mississippi will know of HMC McGee’sskill and bravery in the desert.

District 92 Rep. Becky Currie is preparing to honor him with aresolution in the state House of Representatives in a smallceremony at the Capitol. The resolution is being prepared now, shesaid, and the ceremony will take place within the next week orduring a later special session if necessary.

“It’s my honor to be able to do this for HMC McGee,” Curriesaid. “He’s a hero. Being selfless is not something you don’tacknowledge. We need to know every time we lay our children down atnight that we’re free because of people like him that put on thatuniform.”

Monday night, Currie attended a weekly meeting of the McGeefamily and neighbors in Loyd Star to watch a tape of HMC McGeereceiving the Bronze Star last month. The 1984 Brookhaven HighSchool graduate dedicated his medal to those who served with himbefore breaking down on the podium.

“I look at this award as an honor for the guys I worked with -they took care of me,” he said as his chin began to quiver. “Everytime we see these words… that’s what it’s all about.”

Glenn McGee and his wife, Martha, said they had no idea theirson displayed such skill and courage while in country last year.From December 2007 to December 2008, the U.S. Navy medical officerand former Marine sniper participated in more than 30 missions,leading raids, exchanging gunfire with insurgents, diffusingexplosive devices and training Iraqi soldiers while servingalongside the U.S. Army’s Special Forces.

McGee and his men captured around 100 insurgents, including twoinsurgent leaders, and destroyed enemy vehicles and weaponsstockpiles.

Martha McGee said she was taken aback when she learned of herson’s exploits and glad of the recognition he’s receiving.

“It was too late to be anxious,” she said of the day she heardof HMC McGee’s combat record. “I was very proud of him. I know heloves his job. Even when he was a little boy, his daddy got him amilitary uniform and he always gravitated toward the military. Heleft the next week out of high school.”

HMC McGee’s daughter, 15-year-old Meredith McGee, said herfather’s achievements came as no surprise to her.

“I knew he had it in him,” she said. “I don’t know if (thefamily) did, but I did. I’ve seen him work and train, and I knewwhen it came to serving his country he’d do whatever he had to andmore. He’s a hero. He’s far more than just the comic book heroes -he’s real.”