Assault reported at Co-Lin

Published 5:00 am Thursday, October 8, 2009

WESSON – Copiah-Lincoln Community College officials said analleged sexual assault on campus was reported by a female studentTuesday night.

Co-Lin Public Relations Director Natalie Davis said one arresthas been made and an investigation is continuing.

“Our chief of police has been interviewing some students. I knowthat there has been at least one arrest, but the investigation isongoing and we really can’t say more than that,” Davis said. “Andwe’re very concerned about the student and her well-being.”

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A spokesman from the Copiah County Detention Center confirmedthat Co-Lin Police brought in a man on charges of sodomyWednesday.

Co-Lin police believe the situation to be an isolated incident,Davis said.

“Our chief of police and our whole police department is on topof the matter,” she said. “This is an isolated incident, and no oneis in danger or under threat. The safety of our students is veryimportant to us.”

Davis said the school’s new alert system, Wolf Alert, was notactivated, but that faculty, staff and students were notified bye-mail on Wednesday.

Meanwhile, Co-Lin President Ronnie Nettles said witnesses arebeing interviewed.

“There are a number of people of interest that we are talkingwith, and it is ongoing,” Nettles said. “We’re trying to get a goodunderstanding of what happened and who might have seen things.”

The college said in a statement Wednesday that officials aretaking the matter very seriously and will take appropriate actionwhen the investigation is complete.

“We’re hoping by the end of the day we’ll have some additionalinformation,” Nettles said Thursday morning. “We’re anxious to getto the bottom of this.”