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Where are society’s priorities?

Daily dalliance updates on golf great Tiger Woods and who letwho in the door at White House lead nightly newscasts and dominatechatter on the Internet. Television news crews eagerly await anyTiger tiff tidbit and congressional hearings are being held on thelatest ‘gate,’ this one involving uninvited guests attending aWhite House state dinner.

Meanwhile, interest in and information on an ongoing war in Iraqand another in Afghanistan, to which President Obama committedanother 30,000 troops last week; unemployment totals that show nosigns of improving anytime soon; and budget problems that arejeopardizing more jobs and government services at all levels arebeing relegated to second-segment status or are being ignoredaltogether.

The situation over what considered important nowadays and what’snot should lead us all to one inescapable question: Where are ourpriorities?