Two injured in Thursday night shooting

Published 9:24 pm Friday, December 2, 2011

Two McComb residents remained in thehospital Friday morning due to injuries received in a Thursdayevening shooting in Brookhaven, according to authorities.

    Gemone Johnson, 25, and an unidentified 16-year old were bothinvolved in a shooting in or near Apartment 18 in Cloverdale, saidChief of Police Pap Henderson.

    “It appears that they shot each other,” Henderson said.

    Both were transported by ambulance directly to King’s Daughter’sMedical Center’s helipad and then airlifted to Jackson, accordingto a KDMC representative.

    Local authorities do not know the current medical status of thetwo.

    Henderson said police recovered three guns from the scene: a 9 mmpistol, a .38-caliber pistol and a .45-caliber pistol. Whenofficers arrived, Johnson was in possession of two guns, one ineach hand, but police do know not yet whom the guns belonged to,Henderson said.

    The incident was reported at 9:16 p.m. and witness statements andthe police investigation indicate two shots in total were fired.Henderson stating evidence exists that at least one shot was firedfrom inside the apartment.

    The investigation is ongoing into the cause of the incident and asto why the two males, both with McComb addresses, were inBrookhaven at the time of the shooting.

    The 16-year-old, whom police have not identified because he is ajuvenile, did have family in Brookhaven, Henderson said. The chiefalso said it seems Johnson and the juvenile knew each other priorto the Thursday altercation.

    “We don’t have enough (information) yet to verify what happened,but it’s not that they were strangers to each to other,” Hendersonsaid.

    No other persons suffered injuries as a result of the incident, andpolice do not have reason to believe at this time that any otherparties were involved.

    Police have not spoken to Johnson or the juvenile yet because oftheir medical condition, Henderson said.

    “But we are talking to witnesses who are giving us information,”Henderson said. We haven’t finishing interviewing people.”